Maintenance Tips For The End Of The Hot Season


After the hot summer months are over, it's time for your air conditioner to take a break. However, your air conditioner has been working hard all season, so it's likely to be worn out and in need of some servicing. 

If you want to keep your air conditioner operating in optimal condition year after year, you should take care of the following maintenance tasks at the end of every summer:

Change or clean the filter

By the end of the summer, there is likely to be a great deal of dust and debris built up in your air conditioner's filter.

You should clean this debris out as soon as possible after the hot season. If you leave the debris all winter, it could solidify and become more difficult to remove. If you have central air, you can completely replace your air conditioner filter. On the other hand, you'll just want to remove and wash the air filter of a window unit before replacing it. 

Prepare window units to be stored

In most cases, you'll want to completely remove your window units and put them in storage since they won't be used over the winter.

You can prepare your unit for storage by inspecting its seals for any air leakage and washing the exterior to prevent debris from obstructing air flow into the unit. It's important to find a place to store your window unit that won't be exposed to too much dust throughout the winter. 

Clear out condenser unit and condensate pan

The condenser unit of an outdoor air conditioner unit needs to be cleared of vegetation and other debris that has come into contact with it due to summertime events like storms and landscaping tasks like lawn mowing. 

You should also check your unit's condensate pan at the end of the summer. This pan is likely to collect water that needs to be drained out to prevent mold or mildew growth and other water damage. You'll probably need to have a technician clean out the condensate pan and drain lines if necessary because this is a task that's best handled by professionals. 

Brush coils and radiating fins

Debris is likely to clog coils and radiating fins throughout the hot season when your air conditioner is working hard. You can clean this debris off using a semi-stiff brush and clearing obstructions out while taking care not to bend the fragile coil fins. 

Inspect coolant lines and electrical cords

When you're packing away your window unit for the winter, you should make sure there are no coolant line leaks. You should also make sure that there are no punctures or tears in the unit's electrical cords that could create an electrical hazard. 


5 October 2015

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