Two Important Winter Air Conditioner Tips Not To Overlook


Even though you primarily use your air conditioner system during the warmer months of the year, cold temperatures and snow on the ground doesn't mean you shouldn't be taking care of your AC unit. Taking care of your unit during the winter is equally important as summer time care. Make sure you know what to do.

End Of Season Inspection

The start of winter is a great time to schedule an end of season inspection. Throughout the course of use over the last several months, there are a number of things that could have happen to your unit without you even being aware of it. One example is a sensor malfunction.

The sensor is the component responsible for signaling to your unit that the desired temperature has been achieved and that the unit can power off. When the sensor is malfunctioning, a unit can either cut off too quickly or run longer than necessary. As part of an end of the season inspection, a technician can quickly address this and any other problem to ensure your unit is prepared once the warmer months roll around again.  

Skip The Cover

Drive through any neighborhood as winter approaches and you're likely to see a lot of homeowners placing large, tarp like covers over their units. It's best to avoid this practice as covering the unit will likely do more harm than good. A common concern is nesting. During the winter, pests and other animals are looking for a warm and safe place to set up their nest and rest. Placing a cover over your unit could actually make the inside of your AC unit an ideal space for them.

Once these critters settle into your unit, they can start eating away at many of the components inside, such as the wires. Just imagine how much damage a small pack of squirrels could do over the winter. The reality is that air conditioner units are designed to withstand the elements, so there really is no need to cover them during the winter months. If you really want to prepare your unit for winter, leave it exposed.

When it comes to the winter and your air conditioner unit, preparation for the warm season should be the main thing on your mind. Make certain you are taking helpful action to ensure your unit is in great shape and ready to operate once the warmer months roll back around.

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7 October 2015

preparing your furnace for winter

I know it can be difficult to make yourself think about getting your furnace running when the skies are sunny and the temperatures are hovering around 90, but it is the best time for you to think about your heating system. Getting ahead of the winter preparation game will help to save on the cost of the repairs because the need for furnace maintenance is usually at a low during the fall season. This blog will show you what you can do to prepare your furnace for winter and when you should hire a professional HVAC technician to take care of it for you.