Ice, Ice, Baby: Four Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Frozen


When the temperatures begin to heat up, most people begin running their air conditioners. After all, they keep you cool and comfortable when the temperature outside begins to soar. Unfortunately, air conditioners are prone to several issues. The most common complaint is that the unit is freezing.

If your air conditioner is freezing, one of these four reasons might to be blame:

1. Obstructed Air Flow

One of the more common reasons air conditions freeze is due to obstructed airflow. If the cooled air cannot escape your unit, then it will obviously begin to freeze. Typically, airflow is reduced when the air filter is dirty. If you have a washable filter, try washing it out and replacing it. If your filter isn't washable, purchase a new one and replace it. Having a clean filter might fix the problem. Plus, it's good for the air inside your home.

2. Leaky Refrigerant

Another reason your air conditioner might be freezing is due to leaking refrigerant. When you have a leak in your coolant system, the air conditioner begins to work overtime. As your system struggles to cool the air, your AC unit usually begins to produce condensation. The cool air, combined with condensation and a leak, create the perfect environment for ice.

If your unit is freezing due to a leak, consider adding more coolant to your device. This will usually fix the problem; however, it's only temporary. At some point, you will need to hire an air conditioner repair professional to address the root of the problem.

3. Cool Temperatures

As the weather begins to cool off, most people stop using their air conditioner. But if it is still warm in your home, you might turn to your AC unit for relief from the heat. Unfortunately, this often leads to a freezing unit because the temperatures outside are already low. If this is the cause of your freezing unit, there isn't much you can do. Try turning it off and opening some windows to the get the cooling relief you need.

4. Mechanical Failures

Finally, your air conditioner might also freeze due to mechanical issues. If the coils in your machine are blocked or dirty, your unit might freeze. It might also freeze if some of the tubing is kinked or curled improperly. Other times it might freeze are when the system parts are old and failing. In all of these instances, it is best to hire a professional or purchase a new part or AC unit.

If your unit is freezing, try fixing it by using this guide. If that doesn't work, contact an air conditioner repair professional for help at a website like Your unit might need a good cleaning or a new part.


8 October 2015

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