Your Personal Clothes Care Cave: New Products To Update And Trick Out Your Laundry Room


If you're a millennial, you probably don't get dreamy-eyed over the thought of gigantic walk-in closets or fussy foyers with cathedral ceilings. It's more likely that a well-appointed, spacious laundry room is near the top of your fantasy home features list.

If you're updating your clothing care cave, include some of the new, hi-tech products designed to make wash day a breeze.

Clothes washers that have multiple purposes.

To take advantage of wasted space in a traditional washer, new washers are designed to do two loads at a time. You can do a load of dark clothes and a load of whites simultaneously. Other models have built in sinks on their top sides enabling you to wash delicate items and pre-treat stubborn stains. You can also use the sink to conveniently wash your hands after handling dirty clothes.

Platforms for no-bend laundry duty.

Front loading washer/dryer combos can be placed on platforms that raise them up to the height that suits you best. No more stooping in front of the dryer door for you, and no more strained back, either. Add a laundry cart to your room and you've got the easiest laundry day ever. Just be certain any shelves won't be too low for your updated washer and dryer duo.

Products that combat smells.

Top and front loading machines can grow mold and other stuff around the covered tub edges where you can't see. Manufacturers recommend keeping your washer door open when it's empty, but that gives small kids access, and it doesn't look tidy. Open front loading doors may cause you to trip and fall, too. Instead, if you have problems with repeat odors in your washing machine, buy a washer with odor fighting technology, or use a prewash product on workout clothes to prevent funky smells from hanging out in your washer.

In-home dry cleaning shop.

If you wear professional clothes and spend a lot on dry cleaning services, perhaps you'd like your own clothes steamer? You'll need about as much room as you'd need for a refrigerator, but this home dry cleaner offers various finishing scents, a pants crease presser, and downloadable apps to help you safely clean specialty items like wool sweaters and silk scarves. Best of all, you'll have no more dry cleaning bills or pesky, last-minute suit-pickup errands.

A battery-powered AM radio.

Not only will you need a radio in emergencies, you can also use it to see if your washing machine has been hacked and is sending out secret signals. Yes, that's a thing.

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12 October 2015

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