Boiler Stopped Working? Three Things To Check Before Calling The Repairman


It's never fun when it's a cold winter day and your boiler stops working! Sometimes, there is a major issue at fault and you'll need to have a repairman come out to fix it. Other times, however, there might just be minor little "glitch" that caused your boiler to stop working and you might be able to address it yourself. Before you call your HVAC specialist, check to make sure that these three simple issues are not to blame for your boiler shut-off.

The circuit breaker flipped.

If you have a newer boiler, it may have an electronic ignition system rather than a standing pilot light. Check the circuit to which your boiler is connected, and make sure it has not flipped. If it has flipped, just flip it back to the "on" position, and your boiler should start back up. If it trips the circuit again, however, you should call a repair specialist -- something is causing your boiler to draw too much power and flip the circuit, and it needs to be repaired for your safety.

The pilot light blew out.

Older furnaces (and some new models) have a gas pilot light. This light can sometimes blow out if there is a draft or if there is an air bubble in the gas supply. Locate your pilot light with the help of your owner's manual. Shut off the gas supply to your furnace and give the gas a few minutes to dissipate. Then, turn the gas back on. Reach a long-handled butane lighter in towards the pilot light to light it. If the pilot light will not light, call your gas company to ensure that your gas service has not been interrupted. If the gas is being supplied and the light still won't light, then it's time to call the repairman.

The water supply to the boiler has been turned off.

If it is the beginning of the cold season and your boiler has stopped working, think back to the fall. Did you have someone come and service the boiler? Did you not live in the house at the time? Sometimes, the water supply to the boiler may accidentally be left off by a repairman or an owner who is trying to conserve water. Go into the basement and look for the water pipe that leads into the boiler. It should have a valve, and that valve should be turned to the "open" or vertical position. If it is not, turn it that way. Your boiler should start working again as soon as it has a chance to fill up.

If none of these little issues seem to be at fault for your boiler's malfunction, then it's time to call your HVAC specialist. There is likely a larger problem that requires repairs. One company that may be able to meet your needs is A Absolute Plumbing & Heating.


13 October 2015

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