Four Essential AC Maintenance Tips To Do This Fall


If you want your AC to be working in tip top shape next spring when the mercury begins to climb, doing fall maintenance is important. Before you begin using your heating, you will want to do things like change the air filter. You may also want to clean your heat pump and protect your unit for the winter months. Here are some essential maintenance tasks that you will want to do this fall before the cold arrives:

1. Changing Air Filter And Checking The Vents And Ducts 

Changing the air filter in your air conditioner is an important part of maintenance. It helps to keep debris out of the system and ensures that the system does not have restricted air flow. Before you turn your system off for the season, it is a good idea to change the filter. This can also be good if you also have heating and need to prepare your furnace for the cold weather that will be here soon.

2. Having Your Unit Serviced And Inspected For The Last Time

Servicing your unit is also important. There are some things that you can do like cleaning the outdoor unit, but there are some things that need to be done by a technician. They can do things like clean the coils, check the compressor and add coolant gas. Having this done now will ensure that you do not have any surprises when spring arrives.

3. Cleaning The Outdoor Heat Pump Unit

Once you have your unit serviced, you will be ready to clean the heat pump and prepare it for the winter months. To do this, make sure that the power is turned off. Use a leaf blower to blow out any debris from inside the system. You can use a garden hose and a diluted detergent solution to clean the outside of the unit.  If you need to, remove any panels or grates to clean the unit, but make sure you put them back when you are done.

4. Covering Your Outdoor Unit To Protect It From Winter Weather

During the fall and winter months, you will also want to keep you unit covered to protect it from weather and debris. There are covers for this, which are placed over the unit. The covers can be a problem in moist climates because they trap moisture inside. Instead, use a sheet of wood, plastic or metal to cover the top of the unit. You can paint it to match, and screw it down with a couple of screws from the grates.

If you want to avoid problems with your AC when you need it next spring, doing this fall maintenance will ensure that you are ready for whatever summer may bring. You can contact an air conditioning repair service, like Burks Service Company, to get help with maintenance and repairs to your AC before you shut it down for the winter.


15 October 2015

preparing your furnace for winter

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