Commercial Refrigeration Models And Varieties


For large restaurants and bustling bars, industrial size and strength refrigeration units are needed. These kinds of appliances are also known as commercial refrigeration units, and they can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to accommodate different applications.

Display Refrigerators

These commercial sized refrigerators have glass doors to allow customers to easily see what's inside. They are mostly used for beverage or sandwich vending, and can be found in store fronts so people can easily see and take something they like from the refrigerator before purchasing it. You'll often find these in delis and wine stores.

Under Counter or Work Top Models

This type of commercial refrigeration is ideal for larger sized kitchens. The top of the unit doubles as a countertop, and chefs can easily grab the foods they need to keep cold underneath as they prep and cook. These are a great choice for busy kitchens where cooks need to have fast access to food items.The top of the unit can have a countertop installed right over it, or the top itself can double as counter space.

Walk-In Coolers

A walk-in cooler is designed to keep large quantities of food cold. These models are meant to stay closed and sealed tight until they're in use. Chefs can literally open the doors, walk inside, and choose the food items they need. These models are best for kitchens where there are a lot of employees and very large stores of food need to be kept at the perfect temperature until ready to be prepared.

Dual Temperature

A dual temperature commercial refrigerator has two sides, with different temperature levels on each one. One side can be a freezer, or it can just have a sightly lower temperature than the other side for items such as produce. Choose from top to bottom models, or ones that have the different temperatures on the right and left side.

Floral Coolers

When you think of commercial refrigeration, it's usually in a restaurant, but coolers can also be used to keep flowers fresh. These units are made to maintain proper humidity and moisture levels in order to preserve a floral display's beauty. They are excellent for florists or stores that sell fresh bouquets. The clear doors allow customers to see inside and select a beautiful arrangement by simply opening up the refrigerator door. 

For more information, talk to a professional commercial refrigeration service.


2 November 2015

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