Eradicate Formaldehyde: 3 Indoor Plants That Will Remove This Toxin And Purify The Air


Poor indoor air quality can be linked to a number of symptoms, more than can even be mentioned here. According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality can contribute to the development of or cause certain infections, as well as lung cancer. Your home could contain lead, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, radon and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). One of the most common is formaldehyde, which can exist in your home from tobacco smoke, smoke from a wood burning stove or fireplace, floor finishes and plywood. High concentrated, long-term exposure to this toxin can eventually result in nasal cavity cancer, respiratory issues and allergic reactions. You can reduce your exposure by not allowing people to smoke indoors; keeping your chimney, stove and fireplace clean; and ensuring there is plenty of ventilation when using paint, glues, or adhesives. If you're looking to further eliminate this particular toxin from your home and keep the air healthy to breathe, you may want to consider adding certain indoor plants that can help to purify the air, such as these:

1. Spider Plant.

The spider plant is one plant that has the ability to remove formaldehyde from the air around in, according to NASA. At the same time, however, other studies have been conducted and show that the spider plant may not be as effective as NASA once thought. This may be due to the controlled environment that the initial study was conducted in. Regardless, spider plants can remove the toxin from the air, even if it isn't completely.

2.  Barberton Daisy

Since there are mixed results on the spider plant, you may just want to opt for a different plant entirely that can remove formaldehyde from the air as well as benzene. One plant to consider is the Barberton Daisy. These are beautiful plants with colorful blooms that come in a wide range of colors, from orange and pink to yellow and white.

3. Peace Lily

Yet another plant that can remove formaldehyde, in addition to benzene and carbon monoxide4, is the Peace Lily plant. It is a minimalistic plant, which makes it ideal for any interior. When its beautiful white bloom shows itself, it is a statement piece for any space.  

If your HVAC unit hasn't been maintenanced in a while and your ductwork hasn't been cleaned in quite some time, your best bet to improve or maintain proper air quality inside your home is to schedule an appointment for both of these to be done (from a professional such as Coastal Home Services), as both of these can improve the air quality inside your home. Also, make sure you get one or more of the aforementioned plants to maintain quality indoor air year-round.


5 November 2015

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