Heat-Pump Water Heaters: Operation and Benefits of These Efficient Appliances


From washing clothes and taking showers to running the dishwasher, the water heater plays an important role in your home and family life. Unfortunately, this appliance is also a large source of your household's total energy use. Although tankless models are becoming popular options due to their energy efficiency and smaller size, installing a heat-pump water heater in your home is even more beneficial to the environment and your finances. This guide will help you understand the operation and benefits of a heat-pump water heater for your home.

The 411 on Heat-Pump Water Heaters

A heat-pump water heater is connected to your heating and cooling system's heat pump. This connection allows the heat pump to pull heat from the air to add to your water heater. Moving the heated air to the water heater is easier and more efficient compared to creating the heat for your water heater, which is what occurs with a traditional unit.

Energy Savings

Utilizing a large supply of hot water each day can be expensive. However, the installation of an Energy Star–certified heat-pump water heater decreases your energy usage and costs. On average, a household of four can save up to $330 per year.

You may be surprised that the energy and financial savings are not the only benefits of installing a heat-pump water heater.

Cooling and Dehumidifying

Since the heat-pump water heater pulls heat from the air, the appliance also cools the surrounding space.

In addition to removing heat from the space, the heat-pump water heater also removes humidity. Dehumidifying the air is essential for reducing moisture in the room where the heat pump is installed. By removing moisture, you are reducing your risk of dangerous mold growth and health problems.

Increased Home Value

Your heat-pump water heater will add more appeal to your home, which will increase its overall value.

If you sell your home in the future, this energy-efficient upgrade will be appealing to potential buyers. Not only will you have an easier time selling your house, but the addition of a heat-pump water heater will also help you sell at a higher price.

You may have never heard of a heat-pump water heater, but understanding the operation and benefits of this efficient appliance is imperative. With this guide and the help of plumbing and HVAC services, you and your finances will be able to reap the benefits of a heat-pump water heater. 

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11 August 2016

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