Taking Care Of Your Air Conditioning Unit In The Fall, Winter, And Spring


Just because the temperatures have dipped and you no longer need to run the air conditioner does not mean you can just forget about the unit. Taking care of it during the cooler months means that it will be ready to go when things heat up again. Since there is normally a time when you do not need to use either the cooling or heating systems, it is a good time to contact a professional and have everything serviced. Once the technician leaves, you can start with your off-season care.

Clear Away Debris and Shrubbery

To keep leaves, twigs, and other debris from getting into the unit and becoming stuck, you need to keep the area around it clear. Spend time trimming shrubs, picking up trash, and raking leaves that may end up slipping into the vents on the air conditioner. Rain, snow, and ice can cause these to begin to decompose and leave a mess inside the unit. When it comes time to turn it on, this mess may have corroded some of the pieces or kept them from moving the way they need to.

Change the Filters

The filters are there to keep small particles from getting inside the running parts of the unit. Even though these parts are no longer running, dust can cling to them. The wind can easily sweep tiny particles into the air conditioner so they adhere to fan blades, belts, or other parts and keep the unit from operating efficiently.

Check Fins and Coils

As the wind blows dust and dirt around, some of it is going to land on the fins and coils. Small pebbles, twigs, and trash can also end up tossed into the fins that will dent or bend them. To ensure your system starts up and runs well again when the hot weather hits, check the fins and coils periodically throughout the off-season. Clean them and repair or replace any fins that are damaged.

If you keep up with the preventive maintenance on your air conditioning unit when it is not in use, it will be ready to go when the weather gets hot. If you do not keep up with it, you may need to contact a repair company like A-1 American Services before it will work again. Since many people will be calling for HVAC services you may have to wait a while before a technician can get to your house. Everyone will be more comfortable if you did your job while the system was off.


5 January 2017

preparing your furnace for winter

I know it can be difficult to make yourself think about getting your furnace running when the skies are sunny and the temperatures are hovering around 90, but it is the best time for you to think about your heating system. Getting ahead of the winter preparation game will help to save on the cost of the repairs because the need for furnace maintenance is usually at a low during the fall season. This blog will show you what you can do to prepare your furnace for winter and when you should hire a professional HVAC technician to take care of it for you.