Problems You May Face If You Don'T Change Filters Properly


Changing an air filter is one of the most common AC (air conditioner) maintenance issues; it is also one of the easiest things to do. However, there are still mistakes you can make during the air filter change, and these mistakes will affect your AC efficiency. Here are some examples of such mistakes:

Using a Filter with the Wrong Efficiency Rating

The efficiency rating of a filter is a measure of the filter's ability to remove particles or contaminants from the air. This is important because it determines whether or not the filter is doing its main job, which is to keep contaminants away from the AC unit so that it doesn't get clogged and suffers reduced efficiency. Efficient filtering also ensures that you don't breathe in contaminated air.

A filter with a high-efficiency rating removes even the smallest particles from the air, but you don't necessarily need such a filter for your house. It all depends on numerous factors such as the type of particles you want to trap. For example, a pet owner must get an air filter that can trap pet dander. Therefore, if you haven't established the right filter for your system consult a technician to ensure you get it right.

Using a Filter of the Wrong Size

Filter sizes vary; there may be a standard size for your system, but not for all systems. You need to get the size right if the filter is to serve you properly. Installing an undersized filter (for your HVAC system) would result in a poorly fitting filter, which may allow contaminants to pass around or on the sides of the filter without actually going through the filter. That would be dangerous both for you and for your HVAC system; you will be breathing in the polluted air while the HVAC system will be getting clogged with debris in the air.

Inserting the Filter the Wrong Way

Lastly, you must make sure that the filter is installed in the right way. Air filters are mono-directional devices; there is a direction in which they must be installed for maximum efficiency. Installing the filter the wrong way reduces its filtration ability. Manufacturers usually use arrows to indicate the direction of insertion; adhere to the direction of installation if you don't want to interfere with airflow through the filter.

Ideally, you should let a professional AC contractor, like one from Dick Kearsley Service Center, guide you during routine AC servicing if you have never handled similar services before. Alternatively, you can just leave it up to the contractor.


11 January 2018

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