Tips For Cleaning Furnace Evaporator Coils


Your furnace may seem like it is running just fine, but it needs occasional maintenance to work without interruptions. One thing that needs to be done from time to time is cleaning the unit's evaporator coils. Here is what you need to know in order to do it on your own.

Getting Access To The Evaporator Coils

The first step to cleaning your furnace evaporator coils is figuring out where they are. They are located in their own compartment on the furnace, which involves taking off an access panel with some screws to get to it. Unless your furnace is wedged into a corner of your home, there shouldn't be a problem accessing this panel once you know where it is.

Next, shut down the power going to the furnace, since you do not want it starting while you are trying to clean the unit's evaporator coils. Open the access panel, and you'll see the furnace's evaporator, which should resemble an A- shape. Coils line this compartment along the sides and have small fins with copper tubing that runs across them. This is what you are going to be cleaning.

Cleaning The Evaporator Coils

You'll want to remove any dust or dirt that are on the fins or the tubing. IT will be best to use a vacuum hose that has a brush on it to agitate the dirt and help remove it. Moisture in the unit is known to make the dirt stick to the coils or copper tubing, which means you'll need a cleaning liquid that can break down all of the dirt. This is sold at a local home improvement stores and is a product that is worth having on hand before you start cleaning your furnace.

The cleaning liquid works by spraying a lot of it onto the condenser coils so that is can soak into them. It will eventually break down all dirt on the coils, which allows you to then brush it off using a soft brush. You want to avoid any vigorous scrubbing, which can cause the coils to bend if you are not careful. This will disrupt airflow and cause the unit to not work efficiently. When finished, remove loose dirt with your vacuum and put the access panels back on the furnace. Power it back on, and you'll be good to go.

For help performing a furnace cleaning, or any other maintenance that is necessary, reach out to your local HVAC services.


24 May 2018

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