Call A Plumber If You Notice These Signs Of Trouble In Your Home


While there is no disputing that there is a need for a plumber if there is water spraying all over your kitchen or bathroom. However, there may be some less obvious signs that you are in need of the expert assistance of a plumbing contractor. Check out the following signs of plumbing trouble, so you will know just when it is time for you to find a skilled plumbing professional.

Brown Spots Are Showing Up On Walls Or Ceilings

This is not a problem that you want to overlook, and you certainly do not want to make the assumption that the discoloration is nothing more than the aging of your home. The discoloration of your walls or ceilings is usually a direct result of water damage. It could be that there is a nearby bathroom or laundry room that has a leak and it is causing water to soak up the surrounding building materials. 

It could also be a window, door, sunlight, roof, or chimney that is damaged and is allowing water to gain entry into your home. If this issue is not taken care of right away, it is likely to get a lot worse, which will cost you a lot more money to fix in the end.

Your Water Has A Bad Smell To It

This can happen if the local water company is working on their main water lines. You might also notice that the water is a little bit discolored when they are performing various repairs and maintenance tasks. If you are not sure whether such work is occurring, you can give the water company a call and ask. If that is not it and the smell is strong, you will need to call a plumber. You could have a problem with your pipes or with the water tank. Either way, until the cause of the smell is discovered and the problem fixed, you will want to avoid eating or drinking anything made with that water. Purchase filtered or spring water from the store in the meantime.

Make sure that you are placing the call for assistance as soon as you notice that there is plumbing trouble in your home. The reason that is so important is that the plumber might have a full schedule and therefore may not be able to squeeze you in for a few days. Since you don't want to have to wait too long, you want to get placed on the appointment schedule as soon as you can.

If the problems that you are dealing with are severe, you may want to turn your focus to finding an emergency plumber, as they may have extended hours during the week and they might even work on the weekends more often. For more information, contact your local plumbing contractors.


21 August 2018

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