3 Considerations For Your New Commercial Air Conditioning System


Are you going to have an air conditioning system installed in your office building? If so, the installation process is going to be quite different than what it would be for your home. Here are some considerations to make when having your commercial air conditioning system installed.

1. Use Multiple Air Conditioners For Different Zones

One thing you must think about is if your commercial space needs to be split up into zones. The office will be much bigger than a home, and it's possible that a single central air conditioning unit is not going to be enough to cool down the entire space. If so, you need to decide how you will split up the office so that you can run your air conditioning efficiently.

You must look at where employees or customers are spending most of their time, and if there are areas less frequently used that can be put on the second air conditioner. For example, you may have an open area where cubicles are located, but conference rooms that are used infrequently. It may be worth it to put those conference rooms on a different air conditioner system so that they are not being cooled down while not in use.

2. Use Temperature Sensors For Comfort

The temperature of a room can vary greatly depending on how far a spot is from the ductwork. That is why it may be helpful to install smart thermostats that have temperature sensors, allowing you to ensure that the temperature at certain parts of the room is comfortable.

You may find this helpful if you have employees located near exterior brick walls without insulation, and you want to make sure that their desks are reaching the proper temperatures rather than being 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the office. You can also use temperature sensors in offices that are at the far end of where the ductwork reaches and may not be getting the proper air flow of other rooms.

3. Use Duct Liner For Quiet Rooms

Sometimes the echo of the air flowing through the ductwork can make offices very loud, especially in conference rooms where you may have a phone call over a speaker phone. Ask your commercial heating and air contractor about installing a duct liner in the vents near these rooms. It can help reduce vibrations that often cause the air conditioner to sound loud when it is pumping cold air into a room.


11 November 2018

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