3 Reasons Your Heater Is Blowing Cold Air


When you turn on your heater, you expect your heater to blow out hot air. You don't expect your heater to blow out cool air. If your heater is projecting cold air from your vents, there are three culprits that could be the cause of the cold air coming from your heater.

Reason #1: Wrong Thermostat Setting

One of the most common reasons that your heater is releasing cold air when you think it should be blowing hot air is because of an issue with your thermostat. If you have a heat pump, mini-split ductless heating system, or a geothermal system, you may have accidentally turned the system to cool when you should have left it warm. Check and make sure your thermostat is set to heat and not cool.

Some heating systems also have the option to turn on a fan, so you are just circulating air, which could feel cool. Check and see if the thermostat was turned to the fan instead of to the heater.

Finally, make sure that the thermostat just wasn't set to a really low temperature, causing your heater to think there is no need to blow hot air, as your home is already at the desired temperature. This is a simple fix to what seems like a big problem.

Reason #2: Damaged Vent Ducts

If the thermostat doesn't work, pay attention to where the cool air is coming from. Are all your vents blowing cool air, or are just a few of the vents blowing cool air?

If some of your vents are blowing cool air and other vents are blowing hot air, then there is a good chance that you have a damaged duct. The damaged duck is leaking out the hot air, causing it to feel like cool air is being blown into your home.

A heating professional will be able to determine where exactly the damaged duct is and fix it.

Reason #3: Thermocouple Sensor

Finally, most heaters have a safety device on them. That safety device may be a flame sensor, or it may be a thermocouple. These safety devices are designed to stop fuel from flowing into your heater if the sensor gets information that it is not safe for your heater to operate.

Before your heater turns off, it may blow out cool air. If your heater blows out cool air and then will not turn back on, the thermocouple or flame sensor is not allowing your heater to turn back on for safety reasons.

A professional heating technician will be able to figure out what exactly that issue is and fix it.

If you can't figure out why your heater is blowing cold air or if you need assistance fixing the ducts or thermocouple, contact a repair service. A professional heating repair service will be able to figure out why your heater is blowing cool air and get it back to blowing hot air and keeping your warm.

For more information, reach out to a local heating repair service today.


3 June 2020

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