Autumn Radiant Heating System Maintenance To Get Your Home Ready For Lower Temperatures


Radiant heating systems are installed in many homes to provide efficient and reliable heating to stay warm during the winter months. Just like conventional HVAC systems, radiant heating maintenance and servicing the system before winter is important. The following radiant heating maintenance tasks are what you should have done before the temperatures drop this year:

Cleaning and servicing your boiler system

The first heating maintenance that you want to have done is cleaning the boiler and checking the temperature settings. Also, the system should be checked for leaks and damaged parts. Repair any minor problems with your boiler before you start using the heating in your home during the winter months. The tubes inside the boiler and the exhaust pipe system should also be cleaned. If you have a boiler that uses alternative fuels like biomass, this maintenance needs to be done frequently throughout the coldest months.

Checking the boiler pumps and valves

For homes with radiant heating systems, the boiler also has valves and pumps that are connected to the system. You will need to check the radiant heating pumps and adjust the valve on the boiler for the winter heating needs of your home. If you have a separate sanitary water pump for the plumbing in your home, it should also be checked while servicing your boiler to prepare for winter.

Cleaning and bleeding air from radiators

The radiators or baseboard heating elements should be cleaned before you turn the heating system on. You are going to want to bleed the air out of the radiators and make sure the adjustable valves are open. If you have another type of system, such as an in-floor radiant heating system, you may want to call a heating system maintenance service to help prepare your system for the winter heating needs of your home.

Checking your thermostat settings and testing the system

The thermostat also needs to be adjusted to the heating settings to make sure your radiant heating is working when it is needed. A heating maintenance service can calibrate the thermostat before you start using your heating. They can take care of any problems or replace the thermostat if it needs to be replaced before the temperatures drop outside.

This is the radiant heating maintenance that needs to be done to prepare your home for the colder temperatures. Call a heating maintenance service to have your system serviced before the weather outdoors gets colder.


16 September 2020

preparing your furnace for winter

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