3 Pro Tips That Can Help You Improve The Condition Of Your Cooling Unit


Your cooling unit is the part of the HVAC system that determines how comfortable your house will be when the temperatures are high. When the cooling unit is working well, you can expect less stuffiness and heat in the summer. When it is failing, you can expect to still fan yourself despite having the unit turned on and the thermostat set to the lowest temperature. 

With time and regular wear and tear, your cooling unit will start losing its efficiency. When this happens, you begin experiencing more inconvenience than comfort. Here are three tips that can help you improve the cooling function of your unit.

Unblock any Blockages in the Vents

One of the reasons why the cooling system might become ineffective is when there are things blocking airflow through the vents. Sometimes, part of your upholstery, such as carpets and furniture, may shift into positions where they are blocking the vents. At other times, there will be an excessive buildup of dust inside the vents, which reduces the effective surface area of the condenser coils. 

Consequently, this ruins the cooling function. Therefore, it is important to use a vacuum cleaner or call a professional to clear out anything that might be stuck in the vents as this will improve cooling. 

Clean the Condenser Unit Outside the House

Most HVAC units have a condenser unit outside the house, especially the split air conditioners. This means that they are exposed to external factors such as dirt from the environment, dry leaves, and other debris. When this gets into the unit, it clogs the filters and can even affect other functions. 

When you clean the area around your unit's outer part, you are lowering the possibility that dirt will get into your system. If you have neglected the area for a while, it would be best to have an AC expert handle the cleaning. 

Fix Air Leaks Around the House

If you want your cooling unit to function maximally, you have to make sure that there is maximum insulation inside the house. The doors and windows are usually where most of the heat from the environment gets into the house. It is also the route through which heat escapes. 

Have a professional insulate your house to maximize the efficiency of the cooling unit.

These are professional tips that can improve the function of your HVAC unit. Remember to choose a competent HVAC professional to help with the installation and servicing of your cooling unit.   


27 October 2020

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