Plumbing Repairs That Are Often Needed As The Winter Weather Passes And Spring Rains Arrive


A lot of the problems with household plumbing start over the winter months. These pipe problems can cause severe damage and need to be repaired quickly. Some of the plumbing issues can be due to burst pipes, or they may be due to other problems. The following plumbing repairs are often needed as the snow melts and spring rains start.

Issues with Burst Pipe Plumbing Emergencies

Your household plumbing is vulnerable to various types of damage. The water lines are some of the most vulnerable pipes because the water can freeze in the lines. There are also issues with pipes cracking that can cause leaks and water damage during the winter months. Therefore, you will want to inspect all your pipes for these issues when you are doing maintenance and repairs around your home this spring.

Problems with Drainage Systems Being Overwhelmed

There are also issues with drains that may need to be repaired when the temperatures start to get warmer. The drainage systems may also need repairs due to issues such as solids moving through, roots starting to grow in sewer lines, or other issues. You want to make sure to deal with these issues to have the line cleared before they become overwhelmed when heavy rains come. There may be other issues with the sewer lines that need to be addressed this spring to ensure repairs are completed before summer.

Pipe Connections and Valves Being Damaged Due To Cold

There are also connections like valves and other pipe components that are vulnerable to damage. The cold temperatures can cause issues with things inside these plumbing parts that will need to be repaired. Some of the connections include backflow prevention devices, which need to be inspected and may need to be replaced before the weather gets warmer.

Issues with Water Heaters and Other Mechanical Installations

Mechanical systems can also be vulnerable to damage due to cold weather. One of the first areas that you will want to check for damage with these systems is the water heater. There are various water heater problems, like corrosion, leaks, and a failing thermocouple that may need to be repaired when you do annual maintenance. If you have a boiler and radiant heating system, these systems also need to be inspected and may need some plumbing repairs this spring.

These are plumbing repairs that are often needed as the seasons start changing after the last frost. Contact a plumbing repair service for help dealing with these problems before they become costlier this summer.


5 March 2021

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