Installing Addition Heat and Air Conditioning In Areas of Your Home


Adding an additional room or finishing a part of your home like a basement or garage often means adding additional heating and cooling for the new space. Working with an HVAC contractor to determine if your existing system can handle the load or what options are available is an excellent place to start.

HVAC System Assessment

Before adding any additional load to the heating and cooling system in your home, it is essential to have an HVAC contractor check the system to determine if it can handle the extra use. If the system is large enough for the additional capacity, adding additional ductwork to the space can be done relatively easily. 

However, if your current heating system is not large enough to supply the new spaces in the home, you could overtax the system and cause a failure or damage to the HVAC unit if you try and use it. The alternative is to replace the heat and cooling system with a larger unit or find another option for the additional space.

If you plan to use the space as a regular extension of your living space, you may want to have the HVAC contractor upgrade the system. Still, if the space will be used as a bedroom or guest suite that is only used part-time, you may want to consider a less expensive option for the room.

Mini Split HVAC Systems

For additional space in your home, hiring an HVAC contractor to install a mini-split system can be an excellent way to ensure the room stays comfortable without upgrading your home's heating and cooling system. The mini-split system uses a wall-mounted unit inside the space that is relatively small and can be mounted high enough on the wall to be out of the way and still effective. 

The condenser and heat pump for the system is mounted outside the home, and the connections only require a couple of hoses and some wires, which the contractor can easily run through the wall and down the outside of the house. These systems run independently of the home's HVAC system, so the heating and cooling in the space can be tailored to the person using the room.

These units can be great additions for bedrooms, family rooms, a home office that you built in the basement, or in addition that you had built onto your home. The mini-split system is efficient and can be adjusted with remote control, and there is no ductwork to install throughout the house. The system is also cheaper than upgrading your home's HVAC system, and a contractor can install it for you in a few hours in most cases. 


1 March 2022

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