4 Important Maintenance Tips For Your Heat Pump


When it comes to keeping your home warm and cozy while consuming as little energy as possible, a heat pump is possibly one of the best options. These geothermal heating systems harvest warm air from the air or ground and funnel it into your house, which can be incredibly efficient. While heat pumps are highly efficient and highly resilient, they do also require some general heating maintenance. To protect the life span of your heat pump, take a look at four important heating maintenance tips to keep in mind. 

1. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clear of Foliage 

Foliage overgrowth around the external components of the heat pump can cause issues with system overheating because of lacking airflow. Periodically, do a visual assessment of the area to make sure leaves, weeds, and grass are properly trimmed away from the unit.

2. Do a General Inspection for Signs of Wear 

From the pulleys to the condensers, a good visual inspection can be an important step in the heating maintenance process. While you may not have the same training as a technician, what you can look for is general signs of wear. For example, something like a frayed belt or a wobbly pulley can be a sign that your heat pump system needs to be serviced as quickly as possible. Do an auditory check with the system running for unusual noises, such as knocking or squeaks as well. Any unusual noises can be a sign that some components are wearing out and need to be replaced. 

3. Keep Snow and Ice Buildup Out of the Way 

Snow and ice can build up on the exterior unit of your heat pump throughout the winter. This buildup impedes airflow and functionality, so you do have to keep the area cleared as much as possible. If you have ongoing problems due to the climate where you live, it may be a good idea to speak to an HVAC contractor about relocating the exterior unit or building an awning for protection. 

4. Keep Return Registers Clean 

While many homeowners are vigilant about changing their air filters, a clean air filter is not sufficient if the return registry is clogged with dust and debris. The return vent pulls air through the system to heat it and then redistributes it throughout the house. Make it a point to do a quick clean of your return registers every time you change your heat pump's filter. 

For more information, contact a heating maintenance professional today.


10 February 2023

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