2 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Installing Your Home's New Gas Furnace Yourself


After your home's gas furnace has broken down, you may have found a good deal at a big-box store on a replacement model. To help save even more money, you may be thinking about buying the supplies necessary to perform the installation of the new system yourself.

However, before you start purchasing supplies and getting ready to do the work yourself, you should seriously reconsider turning the installation of the gas furnace into a do-it-yourself job. Below are a couple of reasons why you should not try installing your home's new gas furnace yourself, and instead, have a trained professional do it for you. 

1. Incorrect Connections Can Lead to Serious Gas Leaks, Explosion Risks, and Carbon Monoxide Accumulation in Your Home

One major reason why you should forget the idea of installing a gas furnace yourself is that you may not make the right connections between the unit and the gas lines. Unless you have extensive experience, you could make incomplete connections. Even a pinhole leak in one of the connections can lead to serious problems. Not only does the gas leaking from the connections pose a serious risk of an explosion, but it will also allow carbon monoxide to filter through and accumulate in your home, possibly making your family members sick.

2. Gas Lines Must Be Cut and Fitted Using Skilled Knowledge and Special Tools

Another reason why the installation of your home's new gas furnace is best left to a certified professional is that the gas lines between the gas outlets of your house and the furnace must be precise. Because of this, they need to be cut using tools that you most likely do not know how to use or have access to.

Even if you have the tools, it requires skilled knowledge to ensure that the gas lines are cut perfectly and fit precisely. A trained professional will already have the tools and experience necessary to ensure that the gas lines are cut and fitted correctly.

Along with the risk of making incorrect connections and the inability to cut and fit the new gas lines, it is most likely against local building codes and regulations for you to work with the gas lines while connecting the furnace. You will need to have a trained, certified professional to do it for you. Contact an HVAC contractor in your area to learn more about furnace installation.


13 April 2023

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