How To Get Your Window AC Unit Ready For Spring


If you have a window AC unit that you have not used since last summer, you are going to want to spend a little time taking care of your unit before you turn it on for the first time this spring. Change Out The Air Filter If you didn't change out the air filter at the end of last summer, you need to change out the air filter before you turn on your unit this spring.

8 April 2018

3 Facts Regarding Radiant Floor Heating


When it's time to replace the heating in your home, you may assume a furnace is the best choice. However, there are many ways to heat your home, and radiant floor heating is one excellent option. There are many benefits to this type of heat, making it popular among many homeowners. If you are not sure if radiant floor heating is right for you, check out these three facts. It Works By Heating the Floor With Liquid

26 February 2018

Problems You May Face If You Don'T Change Filters Properly


Changing an air filter is one of the most common AC (air conditioner) maintenance issues; it is also one of the easiest things to do. However, there are still mistakes you can make during the air filter change, and these mistakes will affect your AC efficiency. Here are some examples of such mistakes: Using a Filter with the Wrong Efficiency Rating The efficiency rating of a filter is a measure of the filter's ability to remove particles or contaminants from the air.

11 January 2018

Mold And Your Air Conditioning Unit: Get Answers To The Questions You May Have


Mold can develop in your air conditioning unit. And depending on the type of mold that develops, it can be a health hazard for your family. When you hear this, your mind may race with questions. How do you know if mold is present or what can you do to prevent it? Read on to get answers to the questions you may have about mold and your air conditioning unit. 

26 November 2017

Why It's So Important To Keep Your Furnace Clean


Each winter, your furnace commences upon quite an undertaking. It has to pump warm air throughout your house so that you and your family can beat the chill that the cold weather brings. While you likely do enjoy the climate-controlled air, you might not really carve out the time to maintain your furnace. Work and family consume so many of your waking hours and after you've completed all of your responsibilities you likely hit the bed like a log.

11 October 2017

3 Reasons To Replace Your Air Conditioner Before The Start Of Summer


If you're thinking about replacing your current air conditioning system but haven't settled on a good timetable, then you may want to act right now. With spring just around the corner and summer to follow shortly, you'll want to replace your air conditioner before warmer temperatures arrive. Here are a few good reasons why replacing your A/C system now can pay off later on. Reason #1: You'll Have an Easier Time Scheduling an Appointment

20 January 2017

Taking Care Of Your Air Conditioning Unit In The Fall, Winter, And Spring


Just because the temperatures have dipped and you no longer need to run the air conditioner does not mean you can just forget about the unit. Taking care of it during the cooler months means that it will be ready to go when things heat up again. Since there is normally a time when you do not need to use either the cooling or heating systems, it is a good time to contact a professional and have everything serviced.

5 January 2017

What Is A Heat Pump And How Does It Improve Upon A Traditional HVAC System?


A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that moves heat around rather than generating heat. The pump consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor heat pump similar to the split-system of a central air conditioning unit. The pump even includes a compressor that pumps refrigerant through the system like a central HVAC unit. But the primary difference is that the heat pump takes heat from the ambient air either outside or inside your home then sends it in the opposite direction.

13 October 2016

What Is A Heat Exchanger And How Can It Impact Your Furnace – And Your Family's Health?


Your furnace has a number of parts that work together to provide your home with comfortable temperatures during the winter. But the part that actually does the heating is called the heat exchanger, which is a set of tubes or coils that twist through the main body of the furnace. The heat exchanger acts as a combustion chamber for electricity or a gas fuel. The combustion process makes the surface of the tube hot and a nearby motorized fan circulates air across the tubes and then out the vents of your home.

13 October 2016

Heat-Pump Water Heaters: Operation and Benefits of These Efficient Appliances


From washing clothes and taking showers to running the dishwasher, the water heater plays an important role in your home and family life. Unfortunately, this appliance is also a large source of your household's total energy use. Although tankless models are becoming popular options due to their energy efficiency and smaller size, installing a heat-pump water heater in your home is even more beneficial to the environment and your finances. This guide will help you understand the operation and benefits of a heat-pump water heater for your home.

11 August 2016