Air Conditioning Installation: 5 Advantages Of Upgrading To VRF AC Installation For Your Commercial Premises


The application of VRF systems in commercial property is widely used nowadays. VRF is an acronym for Variable Refrigerant Flow technology. In simple terms, VRF is an air conditioner that eliminates ducting but uses refrigerant lines running in a building. This type of air-conditioning system allows for a custom-fit installation for each building. The building is fitted with the exact amount of cooling required. What advantages does this kind of air conditioning installation offer a commercial property?

12 April 2022

How Preventative HVAC Maintenance Saves Companies Money


When you run a business, you're always looking for places where you can cut costs. However, you need to ensure that you're not cutting costs in a way that will increase your expenses down the road. Preventative HVAC maintenance is an example of a critical up-front cost that can save you money down the line.  Here are five ways that paying for preventative HVAC maintenance protects your bottom line.  1. Preventative maintenance helps your HVAC equipment last longer.

21 March 2022

Installing Addition Heat and Air Conditioning In Areas of Your Home


Adding an additional room or finishing a part of your home like a basement or garage often means adding additional heating and cooling for the new space. Working with an HVAC contractor to determine if your existing system can handle the load or what options are available is an excellent place to start. HVAC System Assessment Before adding any additional load to the heating and cooling system in your home, it is essential to have an HVAC contractor check the system to determine if it can handle the extra use.

1 March 2022

Instances When A Ductless Mini-Split Is A Great Choice For Residential Heating And Cooling


Ductless mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that operate without ductwork. A mini-split has a reverse refrigeration cycle that allows the system to heat and cool indoor spaces. Therefore, if you don't have an existing HVAC system, you should install a mini-split unit. Below are three instances when a ductless mini-split would make an excellent choice for residential heating and cooling. HVAC Solution for Homes With No Ductwork The absence of ductwork in existing homes can lead to costly HVAC installation.

1 February 2022

Interpreting Three Common Gas Furnace Noises


Like all mechanical equipment, your furnace speaks its own language. If you spend enough time listening, you can learn what your furnace is trying to tell you. A typical furnace that's correctly operating may make very little noise. Depending on where you've placed your furnace in your home, you may only hear the sound of your blower motors turning on or air rushing through your vents. However, it's sometimes crucial to listen a little more closely.

20 December 2021

Do You Need Furnace Services Because Of Defective Blower Motor?


Although your household is dependent on a range of appliances throughout the year, the furnace is undoubtedly your most utilized system once the winter months roll around. Despite this increased reliance, not many homeowners will take the time to seek heating services months beforehand to ensure that their furnace is in optimum working condition. As such, you may begin to experience challenges with its operation when you need it the most.

6 December 2021

What You Should Do If Your Furnace Will Not Start


When the weather starts changing and becoming colder, you might walk over to your thermostat to turn on your furnace. After all, you will probably start getting cold without it. If you turn it to "heat" and find that your furnace will not start, what should you do? Here are several things you might want to do if this happens to you. Check the Breaker The first thing to do is to check the breaker.

28 October 2021

4 Sounds Your Air Conditioning Shouldn't Be Making


When you have an air conditioner, you need to be aware of normal operating sounds and abnormal operating sounds. It is important to be aware of what it means when you hear an irregular noise coming from your unit and what you should do about it. Sound #1: Humming If your unit starts to make a loud humming sound, pay attention to that sound. A humming sound is not something you want to hear coming out of your unit.

12 October 2021

Not Sure Whether To Go For A New Furnace Installation? 4 Signs It Is Time


When you have lived in a house for many years, you will likely notice that its fixtures are starting to fail. The heating system is one of the units that wear out and lose their efficiency with age. By the time the furnace has lasted twenty or more years in your home, most of its parts will be worn out, and you might have to bear with complications like cold winters.

14 September 2021

Top Signs Your Heating System Might Need More Frequent Repairs


Many homeowners will find themselves having to work with a heating system repair service at some point or another, but some might find themselves working with one of these companies more frequently. For example, these are a few signs that your heating system might need more frequent repairs. It's an Older Unit First of all, if you have an older heating unit, you might want to think about replacing it. If you aren't doing so because it seems to still be working or because you don't have the money in your budget to replace it just yet, then you should at least be aware of the fact that your older heating system might need more frequent repairs.

19 August 2021