What Can Cause An Air Conditioner To Repeatedly Blow Fuses?


Your home's air conditioner contains a fuse that helps protect it from sudden power surges. It works like the fuses in an electrical panel. When too much electricity runs through the fuse, it will immediately blow and prevent any more electricity from reaching your air conditioner. This protects the wiring and electrical components inside from overheating as they receive too much electricity. Unfortunately, you'll need to replace the blown fuse before you can use your air conditioner again.

4 May 2023

2 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Installing Your Home's New Gas Furnace Yourself


After your home's gas furnace has broken down, you may have found a good deal at a big-box store on a replacement model. To help save even more money, you may be thinking about buying the supplies necessary to perform the installation of the new system yourself. However, before you start purchasing supplies and getting ready to do the work yourself, you should seriously reconsider turning the installation of the gas furnace into a do-it-yourself job.

13 April 2023

5 Common Causes Of Furnace System Failure


Although a furnace is a quick and effective way to heat your home when temperatures start to drop, it can develop problems that can cause it to fail, leaving you at the mercy of the biting cold. Here are five common culprits behind furnace system failure.  1. Faulty Thermostat Thermal comfort means different things to different people, and many personal and environmental factors affect it. Like other homeowners, you have specific temperature requirements and preferences for thermal comfort.

23 March 2023

4 Stellar Reasons To Get Out Rid Of The Old And In With A New Air Conditioning Unit


Air conditioning systems are designed to last for many years. At some point, they will need to be upgraded. Some of them outlast the manufacturer's estimated lifespan. However, this does not mean that homeowners should forego a new air conditioning installation. New AC units can give homeowners peace of mind that they have equipment that is under warranty. It also likely means that they will experience energy savings. The following points identify key reasons to consider getting a new air conditioning installation.

2 March 2023

4 Important Maintenance Tips For Your Heat Pump


When it comes to keeping your home warm and cozy while consuming as little energy as possible, a heat pump is possibly one of the best options. These geothermal heating systems harvest warm air from the air or ground and funnel it into your house, which can be incredibly efficient. While heat pumps are highly efficient and highly resilient, they do also require some general heating maintenance. To protect the life span of your heat pump, take a look at four important heating maintenance tips to keep in mind.

10 February 2023

Heating Repair: Heating System Noises You Might Be Ignoring


It is normal for your heating system to make some banging and popping sounds while running. Such sounds are a result of the ducts expanding and contracting. However, if the noises become louder and scarier, it might indicate that you have underlying issues that need to be fixed. If ignored, these issues could escalate to dangerous levels. Here is a look at some scary furnace noises that require hiring a heating repair contractor.

20 January 2023

An Overview Of The HVAC Maintenance Your Equipment Needs


When spring draws near, it's time to think about annual HVAC maintenance. Your air conditioner has been sitting outdoors all winter, so it needs some care before you turn it on for daily use. When you have HVAC maintenance done in the spring, the technician services the condenser outside, and the air handler indoors. When you have maintenance done in the fall, the technician services the furnace. That provides a couple of opportunities each year for a professional to check your equipment.

5 January 2023